(A Government of India Company)
Regd. Office; 14/136, Civil Lines,
Kanpur-208001 (U.P.)
14th July, 2006
Sealed quotations are invited for the supply of following various bags.
7000 Nos. PVC Shrinkable for No. 60/Kashmir Lohi duly printed.

35000 Nos. P.P. Quality bags for lohies size 15"x30" 200 Guage flap size 3" duly printed.

5000 Nos. H.M. Quality bags for High Medium Range Blanket size 20"x20"x250 Guage with plastic handle, flap size 3".
10000 Nos. LD Quality Bags for Barrack Blanket size 19"x27"x250 Guage duly printed
3000 Nos. P.P. Quality Bags for Kashmir Lohi size 16"x30"x200 Guage, flap size 3" duly printed.
1500 Nos. PVC transparent Bags for High Range Blanket size 17"x17" having 4" guessets in three sides, with plastic Dori, handle & zip. duly printed
15000 Nos. PVC bags transpart with piping on three sides, 12 mm clear transparent sheet bag size 15½"x15½" zip - 15½" duly printed.
3000 Nos. PVC bag for Akashgiri Lohi having one side transparent 12mm clear sheet & other side matty cloth of 120 gms cherry colour, bag size 14"x15"x1½" zid - 17½ duly printed.
Interested parties may submit their quotations, terms & condition on our website latest by 31st July, 2006.
In case any further information required, you can contact Asstt. Manager, Store Purchase C/o M/s Cawnpore Woollen Mills Branch, Lal Imli, Kanpur or on Phone No. 0512-2530053 or
Asstt. Manager (Store Purchase)